Our Story

Skepi Brothers is led by two Greek-Cypriot brothers from rural Northeast Pennsylvania. We grew up around a rich Pan-Orthodox community where we witnessed first hand the blessed bonds shared by the brotherhood of Orthodox priests. From Tanzania to Jerusalem, and from Serbia to Mount Athos, we've experienced the vibrant traditions of our Orthodox church around the world. On a particular journey back to our homeland in Greece, we discovered the living traditions of Byzantine vestment making.

Our Mission

Our driving purpose is to make the rich tradition of tailor-made vestments in Greece accessible to Orthodox priests and parishes worldwide.

Our Partners

We teamed up with the Stamatiadis family, whose Athenian workshop has been producing fine ecclesiastical fabrics in Greece spanning three generations.

Our patterns are inspired by the traditions of the Church which have been carefully preserved and passed down for centuries.

This partnership enables Skepi to provide a tailor-made vestment to your personalized specifications at no additional cost.    

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