Orthodox Vestments

Tailor-made in Greece for Orthodox priests and parishes worldwide.


Introducing Amfion Embroideries

Embroidered vestments have a long and storied history. They've adorned our churches, altars, and icons for centuries. In the past, each embroidery could take highly skilled artists months to complete and a lifetime of dedication to master.

Through our partnership with Amfion, we are proud to make this rich and storied tradition of embroidered vestments available to all priests and parishes around the world.

Amfion is a leader in preserving the precious art of ecclesiastical embroideries. At their workshop in Thessaloniki, Greece, Amfion’s craftsmen faithfully recreate our most sacred icons and images with vivid color and detail. By harnessing an innovative collaboration of craftsmen and revolutionary, next generation embroidering technology, we are pleased to offer this once exclusive art form at a leading value. 


Skepi Brothers did a phenomenal job on this set. Measurements were perfect, material & craftsmanship top notch. They instantly became my favorite set, reserved for only the biggest feast days or sacraments...

Fr. Seraphim

The Akathistos set is absolutely incredible and the perfect set for the Dormition fast! The material is of great quality, while not being too heavy. I'm very pleased with the obvious attention to detail, including a snap button to hold the Phelonion in place and from sliding down. All measurements were taken into account and the fit is perfect. Highly recommend this set and the Skepi Bros

Fr. Constantine

The set I ordered was shipped quickly and safely with no ironing needed upon opening. The fabric was dazzling and very appropriate for festal occasions. The fabric is thick and very comfortable to wear, with neat and strong stitches. I look forward to purchasing another set soon!

Fr. Peter

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