Introducing The Good Nous

It is our pleasure to introduce The Good Nous, a bimonthly journal based in Thessaloniki, that explores the rich heritage of the Orthodox life.

The nous (‘mind’, ‘intellect’) is the part of the soul through which we commune with God. As the Fathers teach, the nous naturally loves ‘the good’ and ‘the beautiful’. In The Good Nous we seek to cultivate this love through a series of deep dives into the perennial questions concerning faith, culture, and the pursuit of truth. Each series is composed of original content written by priests and lay people from around the world.

Our first series is “Words of Love.

“Words of Love'' seeks to explore the many multifaceted aspects of love by mapping out its geography with the help of the Greek language. With its rich inventory of words for love, like agápe, philía, and éros, we are equipped with deeper insight into the all-encompassing role of love in every aspect of our lives. 

By turning to the timeless wisdom of the Church Fathers, complemented by the classical tradition, we hope to go beyond the flux of modern society’s conflicting views on these complex subjects, and move toward a fuller understanding of love as communion with God and with each other.

We hope you’ll accompany us on this journey. We embark with Part One next Sunday. 


Roger (Fr George) Elliott

Hello Michael and Andreas!
Wow! such a venture! both your business and this journal! I look forward to reading this! I have fond memories of our trip to Mt Athos. Take care and God bless!
Fr George in California

Michael Gabriel

Hi Mike and Andreas, Its good to see your branching out with the “Good Nous” I would like to subscribe to this journal and so good to see you’ll both doing something worthwhile.

Regards Uncle Michael

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